And Then Came A Better Day

When you’re having one of those days.

You get out of bed and you feel like you don’t belong-
in your body, 
in your space. 
You wiggle your toes, walk to the bathroom, brush your teeth. 
Your stomach fills with butterflies and your heart drops.

There’s nothing wrong, you’re exactly who you were yesterday, when the world was laughter and endless possibilities.

But today is one of those days and nothing in the world feels right. 

You try and fill the day with life giving things to drown out the whispers- 
that you’re not enough,
that you don’t belong here.

On days like today everything feels wrong-
every person, 
every decision, 
every place. 

So you drift through the day. You take deep breaths when you can. You keep pushing through what you need to do,
remembering that the last day like this ended,

and then came a better day.