The Pursuit of Simplicity

It’s time for some action and accountability, so in the continued pursuit of rest and refreshment in my rhythms and routines, this October is dedicated to thoughtfully simplifying my space, and my belongings.

Does moving beyond de-cluttering and into a lifestyle of simplicity sound appealing to you? I invite you to follow along this month as I find ways to de-clutter my space, and also as I learn more about embracing the discipline of simplicity in my life.

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Scheduling Your Rest

I flipped open my calendar to October the other day to see if I was available to help at an event in the middle of the month. I was taken aback when I realized that almost every day of the month had scribbled plans and commitments already jotted down. I wondered if I was looking at the wrong month, or year, but a quick glance at the header showed me that I was looking at October 2019. A month not even started but already booked to the brim.

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