Introducing the Monthly Challenge Blog

I grew up not interested in team sports. My three younger siblings were very competitive and excelled in the many sports they played, my parents tried to put me in sports but the only one that held my interest was swimming, team sports just weren't my thing. I remember playing soccer for a couple of years starting when I was six, my team lost every game, we scored one goal the entire season. I was the kid who could be found picking flowers on the sidelines, or socializing with the other girls on my team mid game. I seemed to have missed the competitive drive a lot of kids in team sports have; I wasn't interested in winning and I wasn't bothered by losing. However, I would like to say that I did assist my teams' one goal of the season, but only because the ball hit me on its way into the net. 

flower blog pic.jpg

Although I was definitely not competitive in team sports, I still had a competitive edge. I enjoyed personal challenges and was motivated to push myself to accomplish seemingly impossible or difficult goals. One summer I remember reading 60 books so I could win the prestigious “platinum” book award from our local bookstore. That was the summer I made it through most of a classic series: the Mary Kate and Ashley Olson Mysteries. Over the years I’ve found that setting goals and challenging myself to meet them has been a great way to help me accomplish more, try new things, expand my mind, and embark on adventures I never thought possible.  

So, all that to say: Introducing the Monthly Challenge blog! A place where I can more formally record some of the projects I try and goals I set. A couple days before each new month I will announce what the monthly challenge is so you can learn along with me, and participate if you would like. I can promise none of these will be team sports related challenges, but other than that the challenges will be holistic, looking at all dimensions of health and wellness. My hope is to learn how I can create better habits and routines as I navigate through life, and to challenge myself to try some things I’ve never done before.

Cheers to new adventures!


P.S. Do you have a great idea for a monthly challenge? Comment it below and it might be my next months challenge.