Create Before You Consume

This November, rest is one of the things I want to practice more of; being mindful of what steals the time I could be spending resting is important. Social media for me is one of those time thieves.

So in order to redeem for rest the hours I spend on social media, here is what I will be trying to do:

Before going on social media I will create before I consume.

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Nobody, Nowhere, Nothing

November has just begun and it already seems to be moving at a slower pace than October did. I’m thankful for this,  but I also have a little bit of dread as the days get darker. How do I navigate seemingly normal November’s with contentment? How do I embrace fall rhythms as something beautiful? How do I see this month for all it is instead of just trying to get through? 

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Where Did September Go?

Anyone else feel like October bulldozed it’s way in like an uninvited party guest?

I was just starting to settle into September when I realized it was already 4 days into October. Seriously, I genuinely thought yesterday was September 28th (no idea why), and it wasn’t until I went to write the date on a chart at work that I realized October had gone and started without me.

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