Nobody, Nowhere, Nothing

To be completely transparent, the month of October was a difficult month for me.

I didn’t realize how quickly I could lose myself in the chaos of being back to full time work, and full time commitments.

Summer holds such a special place in my heart because the rhythms call to me. The routine free, non rushed days; the rest that seems to present itself more easily, even in the midst of fullness. The rhythms of summer are grace filled, wild, and free.

I wish fall could be this way for me. I try to copy the rhythms of summer over to fall. It works for a little bit, but then like a drummer marching to her own beat, I soon realize the rest of the world isn’t singing the same song as me, and I slowly surrender to the unique rhythms of fall. Faster, richer, complicated balancing act rhythms that don’t seem to slow or let up at all. There is beauty, but as I try to keep up I find myself getting more and more exhausted, and the rhythms become harder to follow…

and suddenly I’ve stumbled from one month into another, slightly dazed by the loss of all the time I thought I had but that I now realize is gone.

November is here and this month always seems to scream nobody, nowhere, nothing to me. The initial excitement of fall has worn off, the hype of Christmas hasn’t quite ramped up. November for me is usually a month of routine, of staying, of “head down just make it through” days.

We all sit through nobody, nowhere, nothing seasons. The seasons of life where the seemingly mundane, consistent, “normal” rhythms of life are the only sounds reverberating from day to day. Nobody new, nowhere fresh to be, nothing exciting on the immediate horizon.

November has just begun and it already seems to be moving at a slower pace than October did. I’m thankful for this, but I also have a little bit of dread as the days get darker. How do I navigate a normal November with contentment? How do I embrace fall rhythms as something beautiful? How do I see this month for all it is instead of just trying to get through? 

These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself. I don’t really know the answers, but I’ve challenged myself to try some different things this month to acknowledge the beauty of ordinary moments and normal November rhythms. 

Here are the top three things I will be challenging myself to practice this month:



& Kindness.

I hope to set practices that encourage these things in my own life, and in the lives of those I encounter and interact with.

Simple practices that are often hard to do when we're trying to navigate a nothing, nowhere, nobody month that can feel predictable.

Not everyone’s November will look the same, but if you’re ramping up for a “normal” November with me, I encourage you to look for ways to see the beauty in your simple everyday moments. Maybe our “normal” Novembers will surprise us?