Prepare Room

December is for most a full season.

I can’t help but think of all the things that will pull at my attention this time of year. Most are not bad things; there will be family commitments, church commitments, friend commitments, traditions to upkeep, spontaneous festivities, shopping days, baking days, lots of good meals, wrapping presents, giving presents, volunteer commitments. Oh, and keeping up with work and all my other normal routine life things as well.

In this month there are always more places to be and more people to see. More expectations on ourselves and our time. More to consume and more opportunities to give. I think we all feel “the more” as spaces get busier and schedules get fuller.

Writing down all “the more” I can’t help but feel a little bit overwhelmed wondering where I am going to find time to breathe. I don’t want to feel suffocated by all the things I try to bring in. There’s a tricky juggling act we must learn in order to balance routine and “the more” in full seasons.

I often get so fixated on filling my schedule and checking off all the things I think I should be getting done that I don’t stop to think how I can best prepare room for “the more”.

This year I want to be intentional in making space for “the more”. It’s easy to say that I will try and do less, or I will try not to invite so much into my life, but the reality is that most of the things that fill my calendar are things I love and want to do. I want to be present for those I love, I want to give gifts, I want to give my time, and I also hope that others will want to do the same for me.

So I’m considering how I can prepare room for “the more”.

I’m asking myself the questions what should I clear out to make room for “the more” coming in? How can I care for myself in a full season?

I want to enjoy everything this season has to offer. I also want to prepare room to consider what this season, this year, and this upcoming year have meant and will mean to me.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to navigate the fullness of this month, join me as I consider ways to prepare room for all the different “mores'“ we face this time of year.