Surprised by Rest

How often do we really stop and consider what we need to do in a day to feel full? We have a tendency to rush through filling our days with as much as we can, only stopping when we feel too weary to take one more step. This has been my pattern for too many years, cramming my days with places and things I feel obligated to do, but don’t necessarily need, or want, to do. 


How often do we wake up and just sit reflecting on what the plan for the day should be, not based on a to do list, or accomplishments, but based on living prepared to fulfill a greater purpose when it calls? Would our days look like mad rushing to just get one more thing done, mindless scrolling, excessive consuming? What if every morning we gave ourselves time to breathe, to think, to rest? To consider how we can best live in the place we are, with the things we have, and surrounded by the people we love? We don’t need to always be rushing for the bigger and better, the next best thing won’t refresh our souls and bring us the rest we crave. 


As I’ve been sitting, and breathing, and each day asking myself “what will bring me rest today?’, I’ve been surprised by my answers. Things I never do at home, here at the cabin, have become life giving activities. I have played a lot of basketball, a sport I am both bad at, and have hated over the years; but here at the cabin my inability to dribble and shoot properly makes me laugh. I just enjoy being active, moving my body, the space to do something repetitive and to think, the challenge of trying to get the ball in the basket. Each day when I choose to head to the basketball court to shoot some hoops, I surprise myself with the unexpected direction I have picked for my day. I also stop and wonder how many surprising directions and choices I’ve missed out on at home because I don’t take the time to ask myself “what will bring joy and rest to my day today?”.