Your Next Good Read

Here is another edition of “Your Next Good Read”! I read a lot and I love sharing books with people so that they can learn, or just rest while enjoying a captivating story! I would love to hear your book recommendations as well, so don’t hesitate to comment below what you’ve been reading lately!

I didn’t read as many books this month as I did over the summer, but here, for your consideration, is my small list of books I’ve enjoyed this September (and a few from my summer list!).

For me, having a book on hand has been a great way to decompress after work. Reading is also one of the ways I’ve been small stepping towards my goal of less social media/ phone time this month, and if you’re wanting to do the same, maybe try surrounding yourself with one of these books? Every time you feel like scrolling for no reason, pick up the book instead!

Happy Reading!



Non Fiction: