Your Next Good Read

I have always enjoyed reading for pleasure. I love escaping into a good story and seeing words on a page come to life. This year I made a New Year's resolution to read more. I realized that time I could be spending reading was being used up by social media and Netflix, mostly because I didn't have books around that I was interested in reading. So I hit up some book sales, scavenged around my parents' collection, and started looking at recommended reading lists, and then putting the books that interested me on hold at the library.

It always seems to work out that I do most of my reading in the summer. There tends to be more down time, and especially this summer having been at the cabin for a lot of August, I found myself finishing quite a few books. I know picking up a book can be hard, especially for students who are often burnt out from school related reading, or for those who have to read for work. If reading more interests you but you're unsure of where to start, here is a list of some favourite books I've read this year. All of the fiction picks were "can't put down" page turners for me. The non fiction are ones I found challenged my way of being, and how I viewed the world around me, as well as one of my favourite Mary Oliver poetry collections. 

We are not yet into the swing of Fall, so set aside some time for rest, grab one of these books, and dive in over the upcoming long weekend!


  Non- Fiction:


Happy Reading!


P.S.  A little side note for those that don't regularly frequent libraries- they are great! I may be a bit biased since I spent my last years of high school working at the library, but hear me out!  Not only do they have a vast number of books, you can also usually get a library card for free. For those who are in the Fraser Valley, you can return books to any of the Fraser Valley Regional Library branches, not just the one you initially borrowed from. If the library doesn't have a book you're interested in, you can recommend they purchase it, and the majority of the time they will. I often put the books I want to read on hold online, and then just pick them up when they're ready, which means I get the books I want without having to search the shelves. Check their website out here for more information.