A Guide to Zero Waste Shopping

You have all these reusable bags for your produce and bulk, your jar collection is amazing, you’ve made it through your products that come in plastic, and now you are looking to replace them with plastic free or refillable products, but where do you go?


I present to you a list of some of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s shops that support waste and plastic free living. 

The Chuckling Duckling

Where? Fort Langley 

What? Refillable personal care products, home and cleaning products, as well as classes to learn how to make personal care and other products.

Price Range: The prices are more similar to what you’d pay for organic or professional line products, so a bit pricier than your drug store personal care products, but they are quality and it's great to support local business.

I Recommend: The peppermint conditioner. As a girl with curly hair I am very particular about what conditioner I use, I need something that leaves my curls soft, but also helps them hold their shape and eliminates frizz, so far I’ve found this conditioner to do all of that. I get mine dispensed into a glass bottle, with the option for a pump top if needed. I love that I can get it refilled, and it smells wonderfully relaxing. 

What to Bring: They do sell containers for filling at the shop, but you can also bring any clean jar or container you wish to have your product in. 

Check out more here.

Bulk Barn

Where? There are locations in Langley and New Westminster

What? All the bulk food items you can imagine! Anything from baking supplies to protein powder. For a more extensive list check out their website. 

Price Range: Depends both on the product and the amount you purchase, but their prices are very reasonable and buying here definitely has saved me a few bucks. They also often have sales on different items and coupons on their website.

I Recommend: Refilling your honey and grinding your own nut butters. Also if you have a sweet tooth their candy collection is pretty great.

What to Bring: You can bring any clean jar or container that can hold food. I bring mason jars, canisters, tins, whatever I have on hand. Take your clean jars to be weighed before filling them.

Check out more here.

The Soap Dispensary

Where? Vancouver

What? Food, personal hygiene products, cleaning and home products, and lots of jars and other items to help support plastic free living. This store also carries lots of locally made products, for a full list see here.

Price Range: This store is very zero waste and plastic free friendly and so to support a local business, which in turn supports local businesses, you do pay more. Because you can choose how much you want to purchase you can cut cost by buying less product.

I Recommend: Checking out some of their unique products that are hard to find in other places, such as plastic free refillable floss. They also have a nice collection of grocery items with lots of organic choices (see picture below). 


What to Bring: You can bring any jar or container that can hold the product you are wanting, reusable bags as well. Even if your containers aren’t completely empty you can still bring and refill them. There are lots of containers for purchase. 

Check out more here.


Where? Vancouver

What? Vancouver’s first package free grocery store!

Price Range: Prices are described as fair for the quality and quantity of product you purchase.

I Recommend: Checking it out! This store has just opened and is all about empowering the shopper. You can purchase as much or as little as you want, they say on their website that if you want 3 eggs instead of a dozen, or just a sprig of cilantro you can do that. They encourage reducing food waste as well as packaging waste. 

What to Bring: Bring clean containers that can hold the grocery products you would like to purchase, reusable produce bags, bread bags etc. are also great. They also sell containers at the store if you forget your own. 

Check out more here.

PickEco Refill

Where? Chilliwack

What? Zero waste groceries, home and cleaning products, personal care products, and zero waste lifestyle items. 

Price Range: Prices are dependent on what and how much product you buy. Organic and locally made products can be more expensive.

I Recommend: Checking out there refrigerated foods section, they have dairy free options if like me dairy makes your stomach unhappy. They also offer a zero waste starter kit, so this is a great place to get some essentials to start you off on your plastic free journey.

What to Bring: Clean containers of any sort to hold the grocery or personal care items you would like to purchase. Check out here for a list. 

For more information click here.

This is just a small list of some of the places I’ve enjoyed visiting that make plastic free living just a little bit easier! Do you know of any other stores in the lower mainland or Vancouver that promote zero waste living? I’d love to hear about them and to check them out! Let me know below.

Happy shopping!