Prepare Room

December is for most a full season.

When December comes I can’t help but think of all the things that will pull at my attention. Most are not bad things; there will be family commitments, church commitments, friend commitments, traditions to upkeep, spontaneous festivities, shopping days, baking days, lots of good meals, wrapping presents, giving presents, volunteer commitments. Oh, and keeping up with work and all my other normal routine life things as well.

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Create Before You Consume

This November, rest is one of the things I want to practice more of; being mindful of what steals the time I could be spending resting is important. Social media for me is one of those time thieves.

So in order to redeem for rest the hours I spend on social media, here is what I will be trying to do:

Before going on social media I will create before I consume.

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